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Solitaire, freecell, tripeaks, etc.

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Cardmania Tripeaks Deluxe Cardmania Tripeaks Deluxe
Tri Peaks is a popular solitaire card game. The game uses one deck and the object is to clear all the cards. The game is won if all the cards are cleared before or after the last card from the stock is discarded to the waste pile. Try and complete all the levels and achieve the highest score.
Cards n Chips Cards n Chips
Unbelievable cards and chips in ONE game. Remove all chips from the board by combining them with the value of your cards! A funny card game!
Casino Solitaire Casino Solitaire
In this game there are four foundation piles at the centre of the play area and 8 tableau piles surrounding the foundation piles. At the start of the game the aces are dealt to the foundation piles and 6 cards are dealt to each of the tableau piles. The object of the game is to move all the cards to the foundation piles.
Combo Card Combo Card
Beat the clock to try and make as many combinations and triple cards as possible to score points. Click on the card on pile and drag them onto the board slots.
Conny Cards Conny Cards
Place the cards with matching colors on the playing field in this card game.
Counting Card Counting Card
In this card game, you have 10 seconds to select the cards corresponding to the total of the lower left corner! Be quick!
Coy Card Coy Card
In this card game, you need to match alike adjacent cards until all the cards are eliminated.
Crazy Eights Crazy Eights

Crazy Wights is a classic 4 player card game similar to the popular game of UNO. Be the first player to get rid of all your cards. When on turn either play a legal card or draw a card from the stock. A legal card matches the top card on the discard pile in rank or in suit. An eight may be played on any card and the player on turn must nominate a suit.

Crazy Quilt Solitaire Crazy Quilt Solitaire
An interesting and unusual 2-deck solitaire game - try to pull the \'threads\' from the \'quilt\' and sort the cards into their suits! To play this game, you will need a skillful blend of strategy and memory! 3 difficulty settings to suit everyone from beginner to expert, full in-game help to get you started, and a host of stats & scores so you can see your progress, this is one solitaire game you do not want to miss!
Crescent Solitaire Crescent Solitaire
The popular card game Crescent Solitaire: The object of the game is to move all of the cards from the outer piles onto the central foundation areas. There are 2 foundation areas for each suit and you must build sequentially in either ascending or descending order. The topmost card on each pile can be moved onto another pile if they are of the same suit and in ascending or descending order. For example, a 7 of clubs may be placed onto either a 6 of clubs or an 8 of clubs. Play continues until no further moves are possible, then the piles can be shuffled. You have a maximum of 3 shuffles per game. If you get stuck, you can use the hint button.
Crescent Solitaire Deluxe Crescent Solitaire Deluxe
The object of this flash game is to move all of the cards from outer piles onto the central foundation area.
Cribbage Square Cribbage Square
In this online card game, fill a square with the best cribbage hands you can.
Crystal Golf Solitaire Crystal Golf Solitaire
Click the cards that are one higher or lower than the home. Try to clear the board before your deck\' runs out! Undo and Hint  buttons to help you play but cost you points!
Crystal Golf Solitaire II Crystal Golf Solitaire II
The objective of Golf Solitaire is to move as many cards as possible to the waste pile. Of course, the best game is when all the cards are eliminated in the waste pile. The playable cards are either one value higher or one lower than the card face up on the waste pile, and it must be at the bottom of the card columns.
Crystal Klondike Solitaire Crystal Klondike Solitaire
A classic 7-card \'Klondike\' solitaire! Sort the deck into suits on the home stacks, and see how many rounds you can clear in a row! With three difficulty levels, you can play a nice gentle casual game, or try your hand on \'Expert\' (using casino rules!) If you get stuck, just press the hint button!
Crystal Spider Solitaire Crystal Spider Solitaire
Prepare to take on the fearsome might of Crystal Spider Solitaire! Hone your card skills with the one-suit casual version, practice your techniques on the two-suit normal version, and prepare to take on what is possibly the toughest solitaire game in the world - the full four-suit expert mode! With graded difficulty levels, built in help, stats of your previous games, online high scores, and a host of other options - this is THE ultimate Solitaire game!
Cupid Tripeaks Cupid Tripeaks
Cupid Tripeaks is a funny solitaire game on a valentine\'s day theme!
Demon Solitaire Demon Solitaire
Move all the cards to the foundation (upper right corner) The foundation piles must be built with cards of the same suit and in acending order, wrapping from K to A if necessary. The tableau piles (the cards below the foundation) must be built in alternating colors and in decending order, wrapping from A to K if necessary.
Double Deuce Double Deuce
In this nice card game, you are starting with a 100 card grid. Remove pairs of cards to clear the board in the fastest time.
Duet Solitaire Duet Solitaire
A solitaire game suitable for everyone: remove all cards from the board by creating pairs of cards with the same value. Try it and have fun with this game!
Eagle Wing Patience Eagle Wing Patience
A new patience game with a strong element of chance! Your objective is to build up in suit on the foundations and attempt to clear the 13 cards in the centre of the two wings.
Eight Off Solitaire Eight Off Solitaire
Eight Off is a patience game similar to Freecell, in which only a single card can be moved, but there are eight free cells available to store cards, and cards are stacked by suit.
Eighteen Card Eighteen Card
Play cards against the computer in this card game. Both you and computer have eighteen cards and play cards in turn. The first one who plays out all his cards is the winner.
Elite Freecell Elite Freecell
A new life of good old freecell card games. Thus the game kept all the fascination of classic solitaire and got new features improving a playability in the same time. A built-in Hi-Scores table will allow you and your friends to carry out competitions and compare your results with the others.
Enigmatic Room Solitaire Enigmatic Room Solitaire
Thi card game starts in the enigmatic room: a piece of an old house. Your objective is to remove all cards from the tableau by collecting the chain from king till ace then the chain will disappear.

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