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Poker Bankroll Management Strategies That You Can't Ignore

The Poker Bankroll Management StrategiesThat You Can't Ignore

To be a great poker player, you need to set solid bankroll management principles into place. It’s not enough to be a skilled poker player, but you need to accompany that with good financial discipline and money management skills. In short, you need to put in place good bankroll management strategies.

So, what is a bankroll?

In poker, a bankroll refers to money that is set aside to play the game. It is not money for your home expenses but that which you set aside to play poker with. It will increase or decrease depending on whether you win at the game or lose.

Good players that have huge potential to excel at the game never increase their stakes because they don’t build up a sufficiently big bankroll. They may know how to manage one, but they don’t have the discipline to take it to its natural conclusion.

Hence, if you’re a newbie at poker and are playing at some of the new casinos online by not having proper bankroll management strategies that you can depend on, no matter how talented you may be, you can’t rock the game. So, how do you use bankroll management strategies to swing the game in your favour? Here are a few time-tested strategies that you can use:

#1: Your bankroll is your investment, so treat it as one

You need to begin by having a bankroll. Once you have it, you can grow it. Choose an amount as your starting bankroll as if you were entering the stock market. You should have at least 20 buy-ins or a minimum of $80.

If you think you can keep reloading your bankroll, it means you don’t have the necessary financial discipline to build a bankroll as you should. By treating your bankroll as a financial investment, you force yourself to play your best hand because you value each of your decisions.

By settling on an amount that you can risk and sticking to it, you will have the right attitude for decision-making.

#2: Choose your game carefully, particularly when you’re just starting out

Choose games with the least rake, and stick to one game—poker. Only then can you be called a specialist. By playing games without knowing what your edge is could be a huge risk that could take a toll on your bankroll.

Should you find your bankroll reducing, you’ll be happy to know that you have an edge in your game’s format. Look for a game with a beatable rake.

#3. Keep track of all your play sessions

If bankroll management is top priority for you and you want to have a healthy bankroll for your poker games, make it a point to track all your play sessions. By maintaining a record of all your wins and losses, you can manage your bankroll better and make sure you have the right amount of roll whenever required.

When you suffer a series of losses, you would naturally think of reducing your stakes so that your bankroll doesn’t take too much of a hit. But what if you’re a casual player? Perhaps, you can reload your falling bankroll from your other sources of income.

This would obviously mean that you don’t care to track your wins and losses closely.

However, if you’re a semi-pro poker player, you will consider it necessary to track all your sessions completely. To aid you in your endeavour, there are several software programs. Alternatively, you can fill them out in an Excel sheet and track your stats there.

#4. Be consistent in your strategy

To be a great poker player, always use a winning strategy. That’s plain common sense. Just because things suddenly look better for you or you’re bored doesn’t mean that you up your stakes. Whatever you might have learnt about the game and its rules, you can only build a good bankroll if you apply those rules at poker at all times. Remember, in poker just as every hand counts, so does every session.

#5. Select your games carefully

To begin to win consistently in poker, you should pay great care to your selection of games . If you can’t figure out why exactly you’re seated at a particular poker table, you really shouldn’t be there. After all, you could be playing with seasoned players but don’t know it. So, think of how taking on such a huge challenge can affect your bankroll size.

This means that unlike in other games, in poker you don’t play with people of equal skill. There’s no profit for you in that. The profit comes when your skills are unequal and you are the better player. If you aren’t, you’ve really set yourself up to lose.

Concluding Remarks

To grow from being a break-even poker player to a big-time winner isn’t a huge leap. All it needs is for you to take some time to make a few small adjustments that can help you win big. For this, you need to see the game not in an emotional sense but in a cold and mathematical manner. That way, you’ll know when to show your cards and when to exit the game.


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