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Top Tips to Get More From Your Online Poker Bankroll

Top Tips to Get More From Your Online Poker Bankroll

If you play online poker for real money, you already know how important it is to have a solid bankroll. If you don’t manage your bankroll and make sure you get the most out of it, you’ll only be able to play your favourite poker games for a short time. By following our poker tips and learning how to have a good bankroll that you can build on, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy more Hold’em and Omaha games than ever before. What’s more, our tips will help you keep your bankroll for longer and hopefully, you’ll turn a profit too. Below are our top 5 poker tips for getting the most out of your online bankroll.

5 Online Poker Bankroll Management Tips


  1. Get Your Starting Bankroll Right: The first thing you need to do is determine how much you need to begin with. You’ll need to take into consideration that amount of time you plan to play for and the poker game you want to play. The amount of time you want to spend playing will help you figure out how much money you need to start with. If you plan to play every day, you’ll need to consider a daily bankroll too. If you’re not sure what you’ll be playing, have a look at the most approved Canadian gambling games you can choose from. Our top tip here is that you should never play through your entire bankroll in one day. Set a budget before you begin and see how you stand after a set amount of time. This will help you to see how much you need for each session and you can build on your bankroll from there.
  2. Play Within Your Limits: When you choose the poker game you want to play, the next step is to ensure that you pick table limits that are within your budget. This will help to maximize your profits. What you need to do is look at your total bankroll and use the 0.5% to 15% rule. This means that if you have a bankroll of $1,000, you should play with $150 max. this is 15%. The table limits should be set at $0.50/$0.75 which will ensure that your bankroll lasts. You should also try to have a minimum of 100 Big Blinds which will help to extend the amount of time you get to play for.
  3. Note Your Hands: It is important to keep track of your hands and those of your opponents. Poker tracking software is one way to do this. You need to have access to hand histories because you can use this information to analyze the hands you played, the hands your opponents played, and the decisions you made. It will help you to make better decisions in future games. It also gives you an insight into your opponent and how they react to your game which can give you the advantage when you play them again.
  4. Stick to Your Daily Budget: Your maximum daily bankroll should never be more than 15% of your total bankroll. It can be so easy to get carried away while playing online poker, especially if you’re winning. This is why it is essential that you stick to your daily budget. Wins might not last. Set a maximum daily bankroll of no more than 15% of your total. If you have a bankroll of $1,000, your daily budget is $150. You have to prepare yourself mentally to lose that amount every day.
  5. Tournament and Cash Game Percentages: It is a good idea to play in both tournaments and cash games. We recommend using the 30/70 rule here. 30% of your bankroll for tournaments and 70% for a cash game. Tournaments are great and have guaranteed prize pools, so if you finish well you earn a prize. Cash games, of course, are where you’ll make most of your winnings so stick to the percentage rules if you want to maximize your bankroll and stay playing for longer.


Top Tips on Becoming a Better Poker Player

The best way to become a better poker player is to devise a strategy. Playing our online poker games can help you do this and more. You can practice for free and take part in real money freeroll tournaments. All this is great but when it comes to devising a simple strategy to follow, we recommend using our top poker playing tips below.


  • Practice, Practice, Practice: If you want to become a better poker player then you’ll have to put in the hours. Did you know that there are over 2.5 million different hands that you can have in a 52-card poker game? You can never tell what the possible outcome is going to be so it’s not just about knowing the card hands, it’s about being able to read players. It’s about knowing when to stick when to go all in, and when someone is bluffing. You need to spend time playing to learn all of this and that is the first step to success.
  • Have Fun: You don’t have to visit a casino to play poker. You can have a regular card night with friends or play at the live online casino tables. You don’t have to bet big money either. You can play as often as you like and remember to have fun. Having fun while you’re learning process is one way to ensure that you retain the excitement of the game. Watch other player’s body language and take notes.
  • Know Your Stuff: Research is part of the game too. You should research your opponents and get to know their game. Doing your research will mean you are prepared and there are plenty of websites out there that you can use to learn about all the different aspects, from poker hands to strategies and statistics.
  • Play for Free: Whether you choose to sit by your desktop or on your mobile phone, there are free online poker games that you can use to help you build your skills and proficiency level. Practice for as long as you like and when you feel ready you can move on to the real money games and even take part in free poker online in WSOP cash games. Mobile gambling is great because you can get in a game on your lunch break while commuting, and so much more.



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